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January 22, 2016


Cake smashes are very quickly becoming my very favorite sessions.  They are very low maintenance.  The creation and decorating of the set is a corraboration of mommy and I.  She gives me a basic theme and/or color and I run with it.  Banners, letters, balloons, cake, the works.  It's so rewarding to see mom and dad's face when they walk into the studio and see the set that we created together.


Most cake smashes come with a birthday outfit.  This is usually a cute dress or outfit that mom or dad bring with them.  The background, while simple, is specific to the child being able to notify the world that they are a whole 365 days old and heading straight for those terrible twos. 



We then change into the cake smash outfit and smash away.  For almost all of my cake smashes, the very talented Lori Renn with My Whicked Whisk creates a master piece based on our chosen theme.  She does lots of different things so go on over to her facebook page ( and give her a like.  


 The "smashing" part is almost always done by mom breaking it up, smashing littles hands into the icing and wiping it on their faces for effect.  Almost always, the little one has little to no interest in touching this squishy thing we call cake.  It's like giving them permission to make a mess takes all the fun out of it for them.


 Finally, once we've made a mess and the birthday child has decided enough is enough, most sessions include a bubble bath.  This allows for a few additional cute "baby in a bubble bath" session, but it also provides an easy way for mom and dad to clean up before putting that icy mess of cuteness into their vehicle for the drive home.  Most love to splash around and have fun.  Once in awhile, it's a quick hurry up and get me outta this thing moment.


 From the creativity, to the play time, to the clean up, I just love cake smash sessions.  Being allowed to capture such a milestone in a child and family's life is so rewarding.


What is the most important thing you should know before your cake smash session?  Baby is going to be cooperative for only so long, you will get messy hands as you are actually the one doing the smashing, and the more relaxed we all are and just go with the flow, the calmer and happier little one will be.


Once everyone leaves, my fun begins.  I grab a pair of scissors, cut off the paper with the broken cake, roll it up and walla clean up is done.  The outfit heads to the washer and the bubble bath gets dumped.  I've found the most creative and easy way to do clean ups after, it's awesome!!!

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