5 Things to Remember for Your Senior Session | Boise, Idaho Senior Photographer

February 4, 2016

Senior portraits are a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Seniors and their moms and/or dads take great care in picking their photographer, location, and all the details to make their portraits reflect the "best year of their life". 


My job as your photographer is to make sure these pictures are perfect.  I take great pride it getting these young women and men to relax in front of my camera and let their personality come out.


Here are 10 things to remember for your senior session that will help get you the BEST photos.


1.  Ladies, don't forget to paint your nails or remove all paint.  Your hands will be in your pictures and chipped paint on nails will show.


2.  Hair and Make up artists are your friends.  I recommend you hire a hair and make up artist (or work with your photographer to have one at the shoot site).  They really know how to apply the make up so it is even, contoured, and gorgeous.  You are working hard on your portraits and this is a fairly inexpensive add-on in the whole scheme of things. 


3.  If you still choose to do your own make up, watch for those blending areas along the hairline and jaw.  Go a little heavier than normal on the eyes, but not crazy.  Go one shade darker than you normally would on the lips and be sure to bring your lipstick or lip gloss with you to reapply.


4.  Guys it does not have to be painful.  Finding the right photographer who understands how much you do not want these photos and your mom does is important.  For example, I have a Mini Senior Session which is only 20 minutes.  You can bring your favorite car (or grandpa's hot rod), your favorite instrument, or just yourself.  We get great shots, quick and easy.  Everyone is happy!!!


5.  Bring mom or dad or older sibling.  This is your day.  They make great coat racks, purse holders, mirror holders, and comic relief.


As a photographer my goal for your day of senior portraits will be to create an album that is unique to what you were like, most into, intrigued by, and enjoyed.  This is YOUR story.  Collaborate with your photographer to create your story!!!




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