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July 9, 2015


To thank a Veteran should be a daily thing that we as Americans just do on a daily basis, like brushing our teeth or checking our phone for messages.  Unfortunately, we as humans get caught up in our daily trials and tribulations and forget this simple act except for holidays where it is called out, such as Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc.  These men and women chose willingly to leave their families behind, get on a plane, and go to a country and an environment that is volatile to protect our freedoms.  Nobody made them, nobody forced them.  It was to protect what the red, white, and blue flag stands for.


It occurred to me in May that I just do not do enough myself.  I live in my cozy home, in a moderate and safe community.  I go to my job and hang out with friends and family after.  I do not have to constantly look over my shoulder for the bad guys, endure hunger and fear.  This is all because someone (many someones) are brave enough to fight for these freedoms for everyone.  These selfless acts deserve special perks and recognition.


With that said, I offered several "thank you" family packages the end of May.  The families were all grateful, but not nearly as much as I was.  They were humble and sweet.   I loved every second and plan to repeat this military thank you for Veteran's Day.




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