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April 12, 2015

I've done a lot of informal headshots while doing sessions.  Capture one of the teen or the kids running around.  Tonight though, was my first "official" headshot session for business purposes and I have to say we killed it.


Sherren is one beautiful lady, both inside and out.  Within minutes of meeting her I knew I needed to find a way to portray here bubbly and outgoing personality in her photos.  Sherren wanted headshots to be used for marketing her Younique business.  Younique is make up, so of course they had to be amazing.  I mean why would you buy make up from someone with scary headshots?  She had already had one unpleasant experience trying to get headshots, so I wanted to give her the diamond star treatment.


My studio was finished within hours of Sherren's appointment thanks to my amazing son and husband.  It was a good thing too because just as she showed up for her session Mother Nature decided to provide a great down pour.  So, off to the cozy (and dry) studio we went.


I managed a few test shots and noticed Sherren didn't seem comfortable.  I needed her to be more relaxed so I could get that personality to come out in the photos.  I offered her a Diet Pepsi and she just lit up.  She is the only other person, besides me, that I know who thinks of diet pepsi as the elixir to cure all that ales.  We sat for a few minutes and just talked about nothing special while enjoying our delicious soda.  From there, it was history as they say.


Since she couldn't decide exactly which top she wanted, we did them all.  I mean a girls got to have choices, right.  Just as we were finishing up in the studio I noticed the sun had come out.  We ran outside for a few outside shots and magic.  Her hair loves sun flare and natural light.  She was also in a burgundy top, so I placed her in front of my flowering pink shrub.  I mean, Yes please :)


I had read somewhere that you should get at least one headshot of the person laughing.  So, I asked her if she wanted to hear a dirty joke.  She said yes, so I layed it on her.  Wanna hear a dirty joke?  Yes please.  The pig rolled in the mud.  And snap, snap, snap.  Pure natural happiness!!!!


I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of the photos or meeting such an amazing person.  The session was relaxing, fun and we laughed.  I think we spent more time after just talking.  That's a wrap...



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