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April 7, 2015

Trevor is officially the first senior guy I have done a photo shoot for.  He is graduating in 2015 and excited for May to get here already.


Trevor chose a split session package.  This is two 1 hour sessions.  His first hour was at the Star River Park to get an outdoor, woodsy type of a set up.  The second hour was downtown Boise for an urban theme.


Trevor was a lot of fun to work with and he was willing to set up any look.  I could pretty much ask him to do anything and he would.  I even had him climb up in a tree, get really close to the edge of water, and perch himself on top of a fence.  He was good spirited about it all and we were able to get some really great shots in for his momma.


For his second session, in downtown Boise, we met in the evening.  On our walk to Freak Alley we took a few fun shots, but he really wanted to get some shots in at Freak Alley.  We were only a few shots in and it was really busy, so we had to keep taking breaks to let people pass by.  At one point, a random stranger decided he wanted in on a picture.  So we did, laughing and shaking our heads as he walked away, super proud of himself.

 We continued to shoot as we moved down through Freak Alley.  There are so many unique settings and colors.  You could literally get lost there for hours on end.  Unfortunately, I had a timeline, so I needed to pick a few spots.  During a lens change I happened to look over and saw Trevor and his mom, Dayna, interacting.  I got this wild idea to get a quick shot of Trevor and his mom as a keepsake for them.  I am a lifestyle photographer, so you never know what is going to catch the interest of my eye.  After all is said and done, I think this is a very sweet picture and I know mom will treasure it forever.


I've been known to do some crazy things for a shot, as long as my model has a fun spirit and is game to play along.  We were basically done with Trevor's shoot and we were heading back to our cars as we came upon Idaho street.  As we crossed in the crosswalk, I noticed that to me the scenery was a really great set up.  Idaho St. street sign and the Idaho State Capitol.  The only catch was it was 7PM on a busy evening and to make it work we had to stand in the middle of the crosswalk whle the lights were red to get it captured.  Plus I had to squat down to get the right angle.  So with Trevor in one crosswalk and me in the other across the street from him, when the lights turned red and our sign said we could walk, we would run out into the middle and stop.  He would strike a pose and I would squat and get a couple pics.  We had about 12 seconds each time.  It took us about 3 takes to get what I was going for.  I can only imagine what the motorists were saying and how hard they were laughing behind me.  In the end, I was able to capture this great shot and it tells the story of where Trevor was during his senior year of high scool.



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