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April 2, 2015


I kind of feel like this week for Jean Wolford Photography was like graduating elementary school and getting ready for middle school.  So many great changes have taken place and so many more are on the horizon.  I'm just excited how "official" this little home business is becoming.


When I first started out in 2013, I never imagined I could photograph people, much less that people would seek me out to take their photographs.  It is still surreal to me that I started out as a landscape and still photographer, just shooting whatever caught my eye and trying to put a little spin on it to make it unique.  I was terrified to post my photos anywhere.  I was afraid what people might say.  I am here to tell you after 2 years and countless CC (constructive criticism as they call it in the biz), I'm getting thicker skin every day.


This week has just been a huge milestone week for us.  We got our own domain, so now all you have to do is type to get to our webpage.  Cool, right!  I continue to fill each month well before the first, and it is all thanks to you, my fans and clients, for referring me.  99% of all my new clients today are referred by someone whom I know or have had the privilege of taking their photos.  This is the MOST important thing in the whole wide world to me.  I like to believe this means my customer service and quality are right up there with the best.


I also ordered (64) 8x10 prints to create my executive hard back portfolio.  Up until now I've just directed someone I meet to check out my website or my facebook page.  Now, I will be able to whip out my black leather bound binder full of high color 8x10's and with a big, proud smile say "Here is what I do".


I got all my books logged in and setup in an organized excel spreadsheet.  My husband will be very happy about this.  For the last two years, come tax season, I'm scrambling to find all of my debits, credits, mileage, etc.  I'm strung out from one end of the house to the other, with zero organization.  This is embarassing to admit being a certified Project Manager, but alas it is my achilles heel.  But now, I smile and can say here is what I've purchased and here is what I've sold this month... and holy cow I may have a shopping problem.  LOL


So ending the week on a high with a domain website address, organized bookkeeping, and a professional portfolio to add to our professionalism.  We are growing up over here at Jean Wolford Photography.


Have a happy week; enjoy some of the warmth (if it comes back) and don't be afraid to let me know what you think of my blogs by leaving a comment.


Until next week <3

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