The Speno Family | Boise Idaho Photographer | Veterans Park

March 27, 2015

February was listed as the warmest February Idaho has experienced in the 70-some years that it has been tracked.  With how warm it has been, I was very excited to do an outdoor family photo shoot.  This was only the second time I did a session along the Boise River at Veteran's Park.


The day of the scheduled session came and with it came wind, clouds, rain, and cold.  Oh so very very cold.  In speaking with the family we decided to go forward with the shoot, even though there were impeding black clouds threatening to make our outing very adventurous.


It was a beautiful sunset and wonderful scenery.  It took a little while for the girls, age 2 and 4 to warm up to me.  The first shot or two were with mom and dad, or with their backs to me.  I am very open that I am a lifestyle photographer, so "posed" photos are a rare thing for me anyway.


We played hide and seek, peek-a-boo, and follow the leader.  All the while, I had my camera at the ready to capture any cute, natural, and adorable shots.  The youngest thought my husband was the bomb, so I would get him to engage her in a conversation (as two year old conversations go) and captured some fun interactive shots.


I can say that to date, I logged the most steps on my Fitbit that night.  It was cold but we moved so much we didn't really even notice.  In the end, we captured these adorable shots of sisters and family.





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