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March 27, 2015

It is very important to me that I obtain a connection with my client very early on in the shoot.  I always start with a few test shots (to set the camera settings).  I spend a couple minutes going through Pinterest shots with the client to get a feel for what he/she likes.  Then we start to move through the location, setting up shots as we go with great scenery, recreating something from Pinterest, or trying to act out our visions. 


With a few questions I get a feel for the client very quickly.  It is so important to know the client, especially during a senior shoot.  A senior session is all about that senior.  What he/she likes to do, what is their style, what makes them laugh, what kind of music do they like, what is their passion, etc.  If you can take the answers to these questions and incorporate them somehow into your shoot, you are capturing the essence of the senior.


For Stephanie's session, she wanted to do part of it downtown and the other part in a park location.  We met at Flying M Coffee House at 7:30 AM.  I am so not a morning person, but the hour after sunrise has proven to be the most beautiful lighting in downtown Boise and I'm willing to do anything to provide amazing to my clients.  We loaded up on coffee and headed out.


Stephanie is such a sweet young lady.  She just wanted to have fun so that is what we did.  I payed close attention to when she would point out a location that caught her eye and made sure we did a few shots with that background. 


At one point it was freezing, but she had this adorable skirt she really wanted in her photos.  We found a little cut out area where there was a break from the cold wind.  We would step out in the alley, do a few shots, and then step back into this little area to try and warm up some.  The goal was to keep the legs from turning an unnatural shade of red from the wind and cold.  I love teenagers - they will do anything for the shot :)


Freak Alley proved to be a perfect setting for her.  There was one doorway that I could have photographed her there all day.  It was stunning with her in it.  I've photographed this doorway before, but none have given the results they did with Stephanie.


She was bubbly, laughing, and full of life through our entire photo tour.  Once we were done in downtown Boise, we went over to the bridge by the Ann Frank exhibit.  I remember as a kid driving across this two lane bridge to get from downtown to Vista with my grandma.  Standing on it this day, makes me wonder how that was ever safe.


Stephanie is a very accomplished violinist, so we were able to incorporate it into some beautiful shots.  This area was also where I had planned to do some bank shots by the Boise River.  I must be getting old and it has been a long time since I"ve been in this area.  It was all fenced off.  We walked quite aways before I realized we just were not getting any water shots on this day.  I felt bad because I know this was some of the ones she was most excited about, so I offered to meet her at a location in Star where we could do some water shots later that week.


In true Stephanie fashion she showed up beautiful and with a playful spunk that I knew would make for a great shoot.  With the outfit she chose, the headband, and the red lipstick, it played into having to do a few pin up shots for fun.  The "oh my I'm so embarassed", the "caught doing something I shouldn't be" and the "I'm so adorable you cannot help but love me" looks.  This time we were at the second golden hour of the day, just before sunset.  Just beautiful <3














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