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December 30, 2014

It is exciting to be closing out 2014 and my first year as a photographer.  I've learned so much over the last year.  The #1 thing I have learned - I have a TON to learn.  LOL


One of my favorite things going into 2015 is I am starting to enter the local photography community and make friends with other like minded photogs.  I'm excited for the upcoming meet and greets, workshops, stylized team shoots and all the CC I can get.  I'm going to be like a sponge in 2015 and soak up anything anyone wants to share with me.  When I first started out, the frustrating thing was that every photog I seemed to come into contact with was very territorial.  They did not want to share for fear of someone taking their "clientele".  Over the past few months I have a found a few photogs on Facebook who are absolute gems.  Just in chatting online our personalities seem to mesh and we have the same likes and interests.  2015 is going to be an amazing year for collaboration and friendships.


It is crazy to think I completed 73 photo shoots in 2014.  Family, maternity, newborn, senior engagement, and volunteer projects round out the year.  I enjoyed every smiling facing, laughing family enjoying themselves, and even a couple where we are fighting the weather or racing against time to get those last few shots in before the lighting was gone for the day.  All of my clients were amazing.  I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed working with each and every single one of them.  My wish for 2015 is some if not all come back for another round of pics.


I had a couple crazy insane "I'll do anything for the shot moments" too.  Like the time I was sitting on a beaver house in the middle of the Boise River just before sunset in a crouched position, with dead ducks being thrown at me and dogs flying through the water.  About half way through the shoot one foot breaks through the beaver house.  I'm sitting on the other one in a way that it quickly falls asleep.  And all I can think is "please don't let this be an active beaver house, please, please, please".  I got some great shots that day and no beaver bites.  However, I did get a few mosquito bites.  There just wasn't strong enough OFF that day.


I did a couple volunteer projects this year as well.  I love volunteering my time, schedule permitting, for worthy causes.  This year one was for the Idaho Hemophiliac Walk in Boise.    Notoriety came when I got to meet and photograph Alex Borstein, the voice of Lois on the Family Guy.  My first celebrity :)  She was amazing.  She was also volunteering as her brother who was with her has a blood disorder.  I also was a guest photographer at the event Walking Tall which is put on by the beautiful and talented Sarah Everheart McGuire.  If you get a chance, check the event page out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/walkingtallboise.  It is an absolute ladies night out blast and a half.


My second claim to fame this year was being able to photograph my friend and very talented actor Randy Davison and his beautiful wife.  They just happened to be in town over Thanksgiving weekend, so he gave me a call and we did a quick shoot.  The very next day, the producer from a movie he was shooting used MY photo in a shout out spotlight to Randy.  Talk about a day where I was walking on clouds.  If you have time, check him out at https://www.facebook.com/RandyDavisonActor.


As you can see, I had a pretty exciting year.  My goal in 2015 is to blow this year out of the water!  Lots of learning and growing is planned for my future.  So stay tuned and watch me take my photography to a whole new level.  Be sure and get with me to get your session on the books.  I'm going to do limited client shoots each month in an effort to have more free time to work on projects with other photographers and go to plenty of workshops and training seminars.


Thank you for making 2014 an amazing year for Jean Wolford Photography.  I am not able to find the words to express my sincerest thanks and gratitude for your support.  Whether you've had a shoot with me, recommended someone to me, or liked and commented on page it all means the world to me and for that I thank you.


Hugs Lovies.  Here's to an AMAZING 2015!!!




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