How My Facebook Page Started | Boise Idaho Photographer

November 5, 2014

How my Facebook page started: The infamous windmill photo. I was an inanimate object photographer for many, many years. Then I took this photo of a windmill at my friend Nancy's wedding. It was just one of those shots that captured my perfect clouds, shading, color and a great windmill sticking straight up into the sky. I posted it on my personal FB page to share with friends and family and didn't think much of it. Not long after I got a message from renowned artist, John McClay, from Alaska asking if I would let him paint it. Turns out he was a cousin on my husbands side, but still this was huge. Someone as talented as John "liked" what I found intriguing. Next thing I know, he's messaging me the photo in my cover photo telling me it is in a gallery. WOW!!! Up until this point, I was terrified to put my work out there. All the what ifs played in my head. What if someone doesn't like my photo, what if, what if, what if. So, I get this photo that something I did has been remastered so beautifully and I'm getting photog credtis in a gallery. My "what if" became "so what", I embraced the idea, swallowed my fears and created Jean Wolford Photography facebook page. I still want to here people's thoughts about my work, but I'm not as scared as I used to be about negative comments. Every like, every comment, and every share is like the first one. I'm as excited and giddy as can be. Thanks to John McClay, I took that giant scary leap and I keep growing myself and my craft. And any time I start to doubt myself, I just reach out and ask him "what if". Help me thank him for all of his mentoring by going to John R McLay and checking out more of his amazing work.


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