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August 1, 2014

Yesterday evening I met with the Lowe family at Honalee Farms in Star, Idaho for a family shoot.  This family is beautiful.  I've known Adena and Aaron for sometime and I love that they are beautiful souls on the inside in addition to being so stunning on the outside.  Their son is in the military.  He and his wife were home to visit for just a short time, so we had to take the opportunity to capture them all together.  I love my job so much.  I experience so many firsts.  You may hear me say it over and over again.  Just like last week it was the Tenney's first maternity shoot, last night was the Lowe family's first ever professional family shoot.  We took advantage of beautiful weather, a stunning sunset and a loving family.  Of course Fallon, her son is just not much of a smiler behind the camera.  I took a few shots and realized very quickly I had to do something to get this guy to crack a smile for his momma.  So after about the third or fourth photo and we were moving to another location I said "You need to smile Fallon.  Don't make me take off my shirt.  I promise you it's darn scary".  Everyone had a quick laugh and jokingly mentioned I've been known to do some crazy stuff for a smile.  Now what I didn't tell him is that I had layered tank tops on, so taking off the shirt in question really would not have been an ethical issue as I had another one right under.  But he didn't know that and I think I made him throw up a little in his mouth.  So we set up for the next photo and everyone is in place.  I look through my view finder and Fallon has the biggest smile on his face.  I take a shot and then make the comment "Look at that, he's smiling from ear to ear.  The poor guy is scared to death that I'm going to actually follow through on my threat".  The next photo is the most natural photo of the entire family laughing.  It is my favorite one!  Thank you Adena, Aaron, Fallon, Lexi and Maddie on a most amazing night.  Love you all tons.


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