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What National Puppy Day Reveals | Jean Wolford Photography | Boise, Idaho

I was just informed that today, March 23, is National Puppy Day. In keeping with theme, I though I would share with you all of the puppies and their families I have had the privilege of photographing over the years, plus a few fun details about my own border collie, Zoey.

I’ve always encouraged families to include their fur pets. Mostly it’s been dogs. A time or two it’s been horses or cats. The strangest request I got was to include a hedgehog. Sure, why not. Thank God no one has ever asked me to include their pet snake. Maybe because I word it to say that your furry friends are welcome in family photos, lol.

We got our puppy Zoey in 2014. She was a 5 week old little fur ball of energy. She has been one of the best additions to our family and everyone dotes in her. I get her in the studio frequently to test out a set. She always seems so disgusted with me, just like the kids haha. “Not another phot, mom”. Zoey loves water. I’m not saying loves water, I’m saying she LOVES water. I pretty much know if she jumps in a river or ditch I might as well get comfy because she’s not coming out until she’s darn good and ready. We have the beautiful Boise River within walking distance from our home. It makes for nice summer evenings to walk her to the river and let her play until she’s exhausted. I also know I’m filling her heart with lots of puppy love and that makes me happy.

Zoey’s second passion in life is a tie between playing ball and tummy rubs. If you can throw a ball for hours she will chase it for hours. Sometimes I worry she’s going to hurt herself because she just won’t stop, so I have to be mom and enforce a break.

Zoey is truly the very best dog we could have chosen to be around our grandchildren. She is equally amazing with the 5 year old and the 1 year old. She takes a lot more right now from the 1 year old and Zoey has become baby’s own personal jungle gym.

Basically, if you have a fur pet you want in your family photos all you have to do is ask. I don’t charge extra for fur family members. Here are a few shots I’ve done over the years including families and their fur babies.


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