Think Spring and Maternity | Jean Wolford Photography | Boise, Idaho

Holy moly has Mother Nature got a serious case of threenager attitude lately. One minute it’s snowing and nearly no visibility and the ext it’s sunny and the wind is howling. I saw a Dr. Seuss rhyme this week - “Will it rain it will it snow? I don’t know, it’s Idaho”.

So whats a girl to do when you have beautiful people wanting their photos taken and its just crap outside? I had to get a bit creative this week, and I’m so glad I did. Sometimes it is really scary to step out of the box (and comfort zone) and try something new. Mykayla had booked a maternity session and we already had to reschedule once due to rain. We made an attempt on Sunday to get some family shots at Eagle Island. We were able to get some really cute family maternity photos, but we were all freezing and just not feeling it about 15 minutes in. I made some calls and found Edwards Greenhouse off of Hill Road willing to let me use their facilities on Monday to finish our session.

Upon arriving, I was not sure what to expect. I had never been to the location, even though I’ve heard others rave about it for years. Upon entering I felt like I was swept into the most beautiful time warp. The colors, the trees, the flowers and the amazing smells of spring all hit me upon entering. I think I could have easily wandered the entire location all day and continually find something new around every bend. If you haven’t been, do yourself a favor. Stop at get your favorite Starbucks coffee and then wander the greenhouse. It was so easy to forget it was gloomy and rainy outside. I felt my winter blues completely wash away in a matter of minutes.

Amongst the plants and garden gnomes were little fairie cottages, trinkets and well placed furniture, and leprechauns. It truly was a magical afternoon.

While surrounded by all the beauty that Edwards Greenhouse had to offer, Mykayla and I created some truly unique and fun maternity photo memories. I am so proud of this gallery and all that it represents. I cannot wait until I get to go back and capture some more magic. And maybe capture a little magical fairy if my own.



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