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The 5 Fun Steps of a Cake Smash Session | Jean Wolford Photography | Boise, Idaho

When booking a one year cake smash session with Jean Wolford Photography, you are not just booking a photo session. You are booking an experience. One that will bring fond memories and lots of laughs for years to come.

Step 1 - Getting Creative with Mom and Dad

Once you choose to book a cake smash photo session, we spend time planning out your vision. Most moms know exactly what they want. It’s my job to make sure I do my best to bring your vision to life. After all your baby only turns one once.

Step 2 - A Cute Birthday Outfit

When you arrive on your session date you will have already sent me photos of the outfits you’ve chosen. The first set up is for the cute outfit, with minimal props. This is a nice clean one year photo to cherish and share with family and friends. I try my hardest to get a smile here, and I illicit help from mom and dad to get babe to smile or laugh. I also take the opportunity to take one or two photos of mom and dad with little one so I can include a family photo in your portfolio.

Step 3 - The Fun Cake Smash Outfit

The cake smash outfit consists of a tutu or diaper cover that matches the set. This is an outfit chosen and understood that it will get very messy. I like to get a couple cute shots while it’s clean.

Step 4 - Making a Cake of a Mess

In comes the cake. I work with an amazing company called Gimme Some Sugar LLC. Natasha does an amazing job and always helps me nail moms vision. Most babies will look at that cake and look back at me like I’m a crazy woman. A few go face first and really love it. The rest are mostly assisted by mom or dad. Don’t be discouraged if your little one is not a fan. No matter how little or how much they are into it, we are guaranteed to get some adorable photos.

Step 5 - A Bubble Bath

After working so hard to be a messy model, baby needs a chance to relax in a warm bubble bath and get clean. These are not only a great opportunity for photos, it also helps so mom and dad don’t have to pack all the cake and icing into the car. Babies love bubble baths and I let them splash and play as much as they want.

A full cake smash session takes about an hour. We move from one set to the next letting babe tell us when they are over it. I don’t like to push them too hard. After all this is supposed to a fun experience.

I have so much fun creating and capturing these sessions. They absolutely have to be one of my favorites to do. To book your own custom cake smash session, please visit or send me an email at

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