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New Baby Boy Props | Jean Wolford Photography | Star, ID

Hi Friends -

Baby H was in the studio and what a cutie. He was just 3 weeks old, so for anyone worried about their baby being too old for newborns, just push that worry away.

This has only been my 2nd newborn on the new studio posing set up and we captured some really fun stuff. I really feel way more comfortable on it. Plus I’m always watching new videos on how to get the shots you want using it. I can already see more and more poses that create a unique gallery expanding by leaps and bounds.

Baby H was happy to be awake for a lot of his session and stare me down. I’m a huge lover of capturing awake baby looks, but I was so extremely happy when I got him to sleep.

I paired an adorable baby boy beige overalls and sleeper with the cutest baby lamb stuffy. Both were purchased on Etsy. I’ve included their links at the end. I have never seen a cuter baby lamb. Oh my heart.

An awake baby gave us a chance to let momma and daddy cuddle with him and capture some of my most favorite family photos. There is always something special about being a part of a family’s first photo together. That’s my job you guys! What a freaking blessing. Check this cuteness out ❤

I’ve been 3 AM Etsy and Amazon shopping lately. I always have to check my card in the mornings I struggle to sleep lol. 🤦‍♀️. Orders have been arriving, and I must say I have pretty good taste in the middle of the night. I am so excited to use these in future sessions.

Next week I will be blogging about the first in-home lifestyle newborn session in over a year. I’m close to the family and there journey is one of grace and love.

Have a great week and I’ll see you all next week.



Sleeper Outfit -

Lamb -

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