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My Favorite City | Jean Wolford Photography Travels

Mike and I love to travel any chance we get. Of course, being Idaho born and raised, Idaho will forever be my favorite state and most likely will never move. in traveling, I do have some favorite places. My favorite city in the whole US is Seattle, Washington.

I cannot tell you exactly what draws me to this fabulous city. There is so much to do and see in Seattle. We visited in November on our way to Leavenworth.

For the first time we went with our grandson and niece who are four and five years old. In viewing the city through the eyes of a child, I had more fun than I can ever remember.

We rode the Seattle Great Wheel high over the pier and the sound. While we were high in the sky, we were actually higher than a helicopter that flew by. In the water below we saw an otter and fish. Seeing the city skyline from that angle high in the sky was an absolute treat.

When in Seattle you eat sea food. We had the best time at the Crab Pot on day one and Ivaars on day 2. These two restaurants have been staple visits for our family over the years when we visit.

Since we had the kids we of course took a turn on the carousel, visited the aquarium, and bought candy at the Sweet Shop. Riding the carousel with my grandson and niece brought back fond memories of when I rode it many years ago with my own children.

At the end end of our visit everyone had enjoyed most their favorite places and the kids were exhausted.

I cannot wait to return this summer as we pass through on our way to the San Juan Islands. My absolute favorite place on earth. Orcas are my spirit animal and I’m preparing for epic whale watching with orca socks and tennis shoes.


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