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Know Your Photographer | Jean Wolford Photography

I sat down to write a story for you all about me. What I like, my interests, and a few weird facts. It’s crazy how you suddenly draw a blank on your self. Then I asked my kids and somehow their responses were a bit less than appropriate. What kind of person do they view me as lol. I ask my husband. I mean who knows me better than him. What do I get, but a response that I have six toes. First I wonder has he met me. I mean we’ve only been married 27 years. Of course it was off the wads so I laughed. Guess that also shows I’m inapproiately amused by weird stuff.

After some time and seceral texta my family came theough and now and now I can share with you 5 interesting (ornot) about your photographer.

1. Orcas - they are my spirit animal. I even have orca shoes and socks.

2. Whip Cream addiction - I’m not admitting to this.

3. Hate feet - ugh they are disgusting, unless they are new baby feet.

4. Travel - love it whether by plane, train, or automobile. It makes no difference to me as long as I’m experiencing what this world has to offer.

5. I absolutely love and cherish being a grandma.

So, what kind of person are you getting behind the camera as you hire me as your photographer?

1. Honesty - I’m honest to a fault. What you see is what you get.

2. Integrity - I believe in delivering what I say I will I want you to be happy and won’t rest until you do.

3. Experience - I hope you laugh. I hope you feel love for your family. We will have the best time. The hubby and kids won’t even realize they are creating and album of memories we will have so much fun.

4. A friend. All my sessions are so much fun and I love getting to know you and your family and following as you grow.

There are there scenarios that I have come to consider as the biggest compliment to me and a testament that I am running my business with integrity, sincerity, and love.

1. You tell all your friends how amazing your experience is and they come to see me too.

2. You come back for more sessions and allow me to continue to capture amazing moments in your growing family.

3. We become friends and I get invites to birthdays, Christmas card, or we meet for a drink just because.

Photographer is my true passion. It really is who I am. I hope you feel a little of my 🔥 and passion too.

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