10 Reasons to Book an In Home Lifestyle Session.

In the blink of an eye, your babies will be heading off to start their independent lives. Now is the time to stop and cherish this wonderful point in time. By freezing these memories in detailed photos, you will be able to clearly remember it all. If you are still wondering if an in home lifestyle session would be right for you, here are 10 reasons to say yes.

1. No traffic - With all of the road construction and congestion, you don’t have the stress of fighting traffic to get to your session location.

2. You won’t be late - We all know how difficult it can be to get ready and out the door with little kids and a new baby. With an in home session, you don’t have to rush around to get out the door on time.

3. Convenience - The photographer comes to you.

4. No time constraints - With new babies, they don’t always have a schedule yet. Plus, naptimes may vary for older siblings. An in home session can be scheduled at a time that works best for your family. You don’t have to cater to the sun.

5. Your style - The photos you print out on your walls, your art, will match your decor because it is your decor.

6. Comfort of your own home - It’s a known fact that we are most relaxed in our comfort zone. This also goes for kids and babies. Your home is your sanctuary.

7. No stress / Laid Back - No posing. Your in home session is more about your family interacting naturally. Cuddling, rocking, cooking in the kitchen and reading books.

8. Family portraits are great for children - It's a psychological fact that children need a sense of belonging. Being part of a family portrait gives your children the knowledge that they are part of a family, it lets children learn who they are, where they fit in and where they come from.

9. Genuine Photos - You are telling your story. The cuddles, kisses, and laughter captured are all promoted by you getting to have valuable family time interacting.

10. Props - The props used are items in your own home that you see and use every day. They mean something to you.

At the end of the day, in home sessions immortalize your family at that point in life. As we age, people change. Environments, jobs, and household items change. You will be able to look back at this amazing moment in time and with the visual aids of the photos, you will be able to teleport back in time and remember the moment. It will be like you are there again.

Give yourself the gift of an in home lifestyle session.

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